[seoul] shinchon: seoga & cook [서가 앤 쿡]

Slightly out of my comfort zone, I went to  Shinchon and Hongdae, only to find out that it’s a food heaven! With a friend’s recommendation, decided to try out this recent trendy go-to restaurant chain called Seoga & Cook. There are other bigger branches in places like Gangnam or Hongdae but since I was around Shinchon area already AND was starving, I couldn’t bother to go anywhere further.

Seoga & Cook [서가 앤 쿡]
Seoul Seodaemun-gu
Changcheondong 57-3 3rd floor
[서울 서대문구 창천동 57-3, 3층]
11.30 AM-10.30 PM
Parking N/A
Shinchon Subway Station







Raspberry-ade & Peach-ade [4,000 KRW]


Seafood Mushroom Spaghetti [18,000 KRW]


This is their signature menu – Pork Steak Salad [18,000 KRW] and as you can see in most of their menus the egg is included everywhere, including the staff calling bell.





What’s funny about this place is that every menu comes in 2 servings which means one menu is good for 2 and possibly 3 people – to share. So unless you have a whale belly, it’s wise to go eat with at least 2-3 people. So that, you can try variety of menus.

This branch in Shinchon was a 5 stars worth for their food but I will minus 1 for their location – for the building they were located in which didn’t seem too hygienic and was surrounded by bars – one too many.

Nonetheless, there were a lot of people and I’ll definitely try out other branches as well!


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