[seoul] myeong-dong: o’sulloc tea house [오설록]

Green tea has become such a hype. Nowadays, it’s everywhere – from your tea pot to your skin care products.

And no way Korea could miss such opportunity to bring about one of the biggest tourists’ hotspot that incorporates green tea. I, myself, am a big green tea lover hence couldn’t miss out the opportunity to visit one of the largest tea house franchise.

O’sulloc provides range of korean traditional teas and desserts that are made with green tea as its’ main ingredient.

The place kind of reminds of Chaho cafe in Thailand which is also based on everything-green-tea.

It has branches in Myeong-dong, Apgujeong, Insa-dong and Daehangno and I happen to be strolling the streets of Myeongdong when I came across one.

O’sulloc Tea House [오설록]
Seoul Jung-gu Myeongdong-gil 48
Myeongdong 2-ga
[서울특별시 중구 명동길 48 명동2가]
9 AM-10.30 PM
Myeong-dong Subway Station
Parking N/A

There’s an entire O’sulloc museum dedicated to sulloc teas located in Jeju island which makes sense as their teas are grown and harvested in the island itself.

“The “o” in “o’sulloc”, means to appreciate and enjoy, and it also stands for the origin of sulloc, only sulloc, and of sulloc tea.” – visitkorea



Myeong-dong, if you are not a local (or maybe even for the locals) is not an easy place to get around, in my opinion. There are just too many streets that connects to streets that leads to another streets.

I initially had plans to visit one of the branches some day and I was lucky enough to have wandered into this street where the tea house was located!


You can buy and go their ice cream right in front of the shop.




It was almost like a souvenir shop!







Pretty cool stuff.


Going upstairs…



They had better ambiance and more of a private vibe upstairs.


Haha, this might seem pretty random – if you want to go to toilet here (I’m not sure if other branches are the same) don’t panic when faced with knob-less door. You just gotta push the side where it’s kinda of worn out.

Or maybe it was only me who took a while to figure it out? 



O’sulluc Tea [4,800 KRW]

I liked the idea of the tea bag attached to the cover so that it holds the heat and also, you can diffuse the tea bag as many times as you wish with the self serviced hot water provided.


Fredo Green Tea [7,000 KRW]

I’m not quiet sure what I’d say about the tea itself. It kind of tasted the same as any other green teas I’ve tasted but maybe that’s because I’m not a tea expert.

Overall, I just felt healthier walking in to this place loaded with teas after teas after teas.

Not to mention it kind of tricks you into thinking that all them frappes, waffles, cookies and shaved ice are much healthier and with lesser calories just because it’s made with green tea – which, I know doesn’t make any logical sense but… oh well, a girl’s gotta enjoy without guilt at times, right?!


26 thoughts on “[seoul] myeong-dong: o’sulloc tea house [오설록]

    1. Thank you Carlo for the feature! I feel very much honoured :) Your blog and articles are so interesting to read! Will surely be following up from now :)


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