[seoul] samcheong-dong: chloris tea garden [클로리스 티 가든]

Samcheong-dong is one of my favorite places in Korea. It’s a neighbourhood which kind of reminds me of Europe in a way with small vintage styled restaurants and cafes, art galleries and shops on both side of the road- even though I haven’t been to Europe yet, you know those cliche style of European cities that they portray in movies and all.

As far as I remember, this area wasn’t considered a tourist attraction even till the last time I visited but it has drastically changed and developed into a whole new kind of atmosphere over the course of a year or two. Perhaps one of the reasons is due to the fact that it’s in a walkable distance with Gyeongbok Palace [경복궁], Changdeok Palace [창덕궁], Cheong Wa Dae [청와대] (President’s office) and Insa-dong [인사동] – main tourist attractions in South Korea.

Chloris Tea Garden [클로리스 티 가든]
Seoul Jongro-gu
Samcheong-dong 20-7
[서울특별시 종로구 삼청동 20-7]
Parking Available
Gyeongbokgung or Anguk Subway Station

If you are ever visiting the area to eat, sight see, shop and what not, I recommend you to just take a walk which will only take around 30-40 minutes max, and boy, thanks to the amazing autumn weather here in Korea, I grew a new obsession of walking and strolling down the streets of Seoul which is pretty rare back in where I live.


If you are walking in from the Gyeongbok Palace side of the road, this cafe is located in the opposite end which means quiet a walk for you – but trust me, there are just too many cute cafes and shops that you won’t even know you are already on the other side of the road.



The reason I picked this cafe to be my first try in Samcheong-dong is because it was one of the most recommended brunch spot according to many locals.








They provide free tea-of-the-day for those who order brunch menu.


Another thing you should keep in mind when visiting Korea is that majority of the cafes here are based on self-service service, which means you order it, you pick it up, you eat it, you return it – simply put, apart from cooking, you do it all.


I personally loved the ambiance of the second floor – actually, I think most 2, 3 story cafes always tend to have better atmosphere upstairs. The decor was very italian renaissance era-like furnished with many artworks and classy furnitures.



French Toast Set [12,000 KRW] – which tasted as good as how it looks.


Eggs Benedict [12,500 KRW]

I personally am not a huge fan of egg benedict but I don’t know what it was about that small green chili over there, it made everything taste so much better.


Scone Set [3,500 KRW] – choice from blueberry and plain scone.

The brunch menus all tasted delicious with generous amount and the presentation was great!

Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, brunch has begin to take a huge part in Koreans lifestyle and Samcheong-dong is probably one of the most prominent areas where it proves that.

Chloris Tea Garden deserves 5 stars for both their ambiance and food – will definitely be going back.

I highly, highly recommend you to visit Samcheongdong if you are around – you will feel like you are in a different side of the world!


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