[seoul] daehangno: pancake story [팬케이크 이야기]

Daehangno, translated literally as street of college, is located near Jongno and Hyehwadong. It was originally an area for many students from Seoul National University to gather but the university moved to another location and since then many artists related to movies, concerts, music, play and etc started to move in and is now known to have one of the most performers and small theaters in Seoul.

Pancake Story [팬케이크 이야기]
Seoul Jongno-gu
Myeongryun 4-ga 129
[서울시 종로구 명륜 4가 129]
10 AM-11 PM
Parking N/A
Hyehwa Subway Station

It’s not on the main road; however, it’s not a hassle to find. You just get down in front of Hyehwa subway station exit 3 and walk towards exit 4 and turn left to the first alley you see and that is where the shop is located.




Tiny green fenced area in the entrance of the shop with artificial grass which appears to be a smoking area but again, I wasn’t quiet sure what the actual purpose of the space was for.


It was a simply decorated place, with an attempt to be a little more than what it came out to be – if you know what I mean. 


The display fridge seemed somewhat lacking of items.






Ricotta Cheese Salad [10,000 KRW]


Brunch Set B [10,000 KRW] – there were brunch set A, B, C, D price ranging from 8,000 KRW to 14,000 KRW. The one that I ordered, brunch set B came with pancake, original hash brown, sausage, vegetables and scramble egg. Others like set D would have additional bacon, salad and strawberry on top of everything. 


Honey Cheese Hotdog [7,800 KRW] – oh this tasted like something I’ve never tasted before. It was like a burst of savory and sweetness – all in a bite. 


Overall, in my personal opinion, with a little make over to the shop, it could be much better and draw more people to it.

Oh, and the lady who took our order was very generous and said the double shot Americano may be too bitter so we can ask to refill the water anytime. Small things like this can be seen so thoughtful and even if everything was average, I would definitely be going back in a near future. 


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