[seoul] seongbuk-dong: cafe 256

Ok, to be honest I wasn’t planning to visit this cafe but was rather on my way to Chloe Cafe nearby but then it was closed down for some health issue of the owner or some sort. boohoo.

But you are wrong if you think that will stop me from having my favorite meal of the day – brunchy!

So, I drove by this place many times in the past and always thought to myself hey, this place seems interesting and I would like to try it out one day. Sooo… here I was!

Cafe 256
Seoul Seongbuk-gu
Seongbuk-dong 256-4
[성북구 성북동 256-4]
Parking Available
Hansungdae Subway Station


This place could be considered a bit out of the blue – in referring to their location because there wasn’t really anything around it but it was quiet nearby another brunch cafe in the neighborhood – Slow Garden (to be reviewed) and Seongbukdong Bidulgi – you just have to walk up a bit and it will be on the opposite side of the road.



A very skinny dog in a cage behind the cafe! Made me miss my doggies back home :(


Here’s the entrance..



It’s something about brick walls that make a place feel so cozy.



A semi-second place of the cafe – totally a different feel to it though. More of a monotone, plain, simple and a sleek area.


Honestly not as appealing as the semi-first floor in my opinion.


Chicken Big Bowl Salad [14,000 KRW] – actually I was in the midst of finding a place that serves throw-all-your-veggies-in-a-huge-bowl kind of salad and VOILA! very fresh vegetables and the serving was worth your money.


Sandwich Brunch Set [12,000 KRW] – to be honest, I was kind of disappointed at every other menu except the salad from this place.

I mean I could’ve easily made this sandwich by myself at home and it came only with a sausage and a salad whereas in the picture menu up front at the cashier it was presented with scrambled eggs and bacon as well! If the prices were lower I wouldn’t mind but it wasn’t! How deceiving :(


Waffle Brunch Set [10,000 KRW] – same comment as above.



Overall, I think this place has a room for improvement. Especially if they work on the menus a bit more and actually provide customers with what’s shown in the pictures OR alternatively get rid of the pictures all at once, I would’ve totally went back many more times.

But I gotta say, although I really liked the ambiance of this cafe, the brunch menus were quiet disappointing. But maybe I’ll go back just for the salad someday.


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