[seoul] daehangno: VIPS [빕스]

If thailand has Sizzler, Korea’s got VIPS!

It’s actually a steak house but you don’t have to order a steak. Since I don’t eat meat, what I did was I ordered a lunch salad bar which was around 20,600 KRW per person (the price varies depending on the day of the week and the time so be sure to check out their website).

VIPS [빕스]
Seoul Jongno-gu Hyehwadong-dong
90-18 Citybelly building B1
(Building where restaurant Bennigans is also located)
[서울특별시 종로구 혜화동 90-18 씨티밸리빌딩 B1층]
11 AM-11 PM
Parking Available
Hyehwa Subway Station

It’s visible right from the main road and to get there you can either get down at Hyehwa subway station exit 4 and cross the road or get down at exit 1 and walk up a bit. If you ever get lost it doesn’t hurt to ask a passing Korean – I promise you they won’t bite!

BTW, for your reference, VIPS is pronounced as BEEPS not V.I.P.S.


Food heaven – all you can eat for unlimited time!


Fresh salad to start off.





This was probably my MOST favorite menu of all – TACOS! I’m sure I’ve made and ate about 4 of these alone.


Different kinds of fries.


Vietnamese PHO!


Italian section – when you want them to make you pasta, make sure to bring the card (picture below) and hand it to them with your order and they will serve it to your table once done.



Guinness beer machine!




This looks like something I would have for my breakfast at a hotel. Fresh yogurt and some fruits.


Green tea ice cream.



Of course we can’t forget to caffeinate ourselves after a good meal with some good desserts, too.



Can you believe everything above was included in the salad bar and the bill came out only 41,200 KRW for 2 adult? i say that’s an amazing deal you get right there!


VIPS here is like a well known brand owned by CJ company and it’s located all over Korea (check out their website to find closest branch near you).

It’s kind of like a place where everyone could just easily go and have a satisfying meal as you probably saw from my photos above and I just can’t stop thinking of them tacos. Oh, and the service here was probably as equivalent to a 4-5 star restaurants – very polite and kind waiters and waitresses unlike some many big franchise restaurants.

I’ve heard that menus can slightly vary depending on the branch but nonetheless I highly recommend you to try this place out. This branch in particular, in Daehangno, was located underground which I thought was pretty odd but in fact, the area was HUGE, well interiorized, clean and I can proudly say it totally deserves by 5 star appreciation.


6 thoughts on “[seoul] daehangno: VIPS [빕스]

    1. Yay :D I’m so happy to have re-found yours too Mitzie! Hope you’re doing well. Saw in your older post that you will be traveling to BKK – have you visited yet? I’m so jelly you get to travel so much! x


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