[seoul] seongbuk-dong: slow garden [슬로우 가든]

I’ve been meaning to review this place ever since I got to Korea (since it’s one of my most frequently visited cafes) but for some very annoying reason I always forget to bring my camera but this time I made sure I didn’t!

Many of you probably saw or heard of this cafe franchise Slow Garden in Korea which is located in many areas of Seoul such as Seongbuk-dong, Samcheong-dong, Pyeongchang-dong, some Hyundai Department Stores, etc.

Slow Garden [슬로우 가든]
Seoul Seongbuk-gu
Seongbuk-dong 107-1
(Next to Seongbuk-dong Bidulgi &
across Seongbuk Elementary School)
[서울 성북구 성북동 107-1]
9 AM-11.30 PM
Parking Available
Hansungdae Subway Station




Very wood toned interior suitable for its greenhouse-like exterior.





The big bowl looking cup on the right side is not a soup; it’s actually a Citron Tea [5,800 KRW] which is my all time favorite!


French Toast Brunch Set + Americano [11,500 KRW] – Slow Garden has amazing menus – probably my second favorite brunch spot after Chloris Tea Garden.


Unusual of me to say but what’s more amazing than the brunch is their Seafood Tomato Sauce Spaghetti [13,800 KRW]!

I normally don’t go for tomato sauce with any kind of food since I don’t really like fresh tomato tasting things but this sauce was nothing like it! Highly, highly recommend it if you have a taste bud like mine.

Nothing really much to say more about this place but that I love it and I would go back 10 times and over.


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