[seoul] seongbuk-dong: chocolate con churros

I’ve been a long time churros addict and another new comer to the Sungbuk-dong area is this churros shop I was UBER excited to try.

Chocolate Con Churros
Seoul Seongbuk-gu
Seongbuk-dong 124-5
[서울특별시 성북구 성북동 124-5]
Parking Available
Hansungdae Subway Station


The exterior of the shop was what first drew me in. Painted in hot pink with gold bold letters – a perfect combo of colors (at least for girls).





Another cozy brick walled interior.




ChoChu Set Plain [7,500 KRW] (came with a plain churros and a cup of choco latte) & Iced Americano [4,500 KRW]


I loved how choco latte wasn’t sweet at all, though I kind of wish it was since it’s for the purpose of dip as well as to drink but um, this choco ‘latte’ is SO thick, rich and creamy you won’t be able to drink it like a cup of coffee but again, I heard all spanish choco lattes are this way due to its high percentage of cacao.

Overall impression of the place is that the churros wasn’t as good as I expected or I just had my hopes up too high or maybe I should have tried the cinnamon churros instead – I don’t know. But one thing for sure is that their Americano was by far the best I’ve tried around the area.

Korea’s weather is so amazing lately. All trees are drenched in red and yellow – only thing that makes me miss living in Korea more than anything.

I hope everyone is having a good day :)


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