[seoul] hongdae: julio [훌리오]

If people ask which food I will choose to eat for the rest of my life I will answer, without hesitation, la comida Mexicana!

Julio [훌리오]
Seoul Mapo-gu
Seogyo-dong 411-18 1st Floor
[서울 마포구 서교동 411-18 1층]
12 PM-11 PM
Hongdae or Sangsu Subway Station

I looked up several Mexican places after arriving in Korea because I just knew I won’t be able to go long without it. While researching I came across this place Julio and On the Border which is a franchise located in many places like Hongdae, Shinchon, Apgujeong, etc.

But what made me choose Julio over On the Border was the Mexican Bulldog.


I finally arrived at this place with the help of Naver map (one app I won’t be able to live without in Korea).


So, I found that instead of getting off the Hongdae station, it was much closer if I got off at Sangsu station. From there, take an exit 1 and walk straight until you are at Eoulmadang-lo, then you take a right turn and walk in till you see Waffle Bant. You’ll see an alley before the shop where you have to turn right and Julio will be in a visible distance.


It had an outdoor seats as well as a semi-basement and a semi-second floor area.








I had the hardest time of my life choosing from these menu.


So, we ordered a Chicken Quesadilla [11,000 KRW] which I didn’t get to try, but I’m sure it was as good as it looks.


This thing was the BOMB! Chili Cheese Nacho [10,500 KRW]


And last but not least, my all time favorite Shrimp Soft Taco [8,000 KRW].


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I’ve been so excited to try! La Mexican Bulldog [10,000 KRW]. It’s a Tequila Sol Rise and they say this cocktail can only be enjoyed in Julio ;)

Though I only had 2 sips due to my alcohol intolerant system it tasted heavenly and it went wonderfully with Mexican food.

Anyways, my overall impression of the place was that it’s friggin’ AMAZING and I’m definitely going back many more times before I leave Korea.

It was nothing like the Mexican food I had back home. Also, as you can see the price was very kind and need I say more? It was simply SINFULLY delicious. Loved the ambiance and vibe of the restaurant as well.

I highly recommend for those who are looking for a gooooood Mexican fix.


6 thoughts on “[seoul] hongdae: julio [훌리오]

  1. That Mexican looks excellent. I especially loved the look of the chili cheese nachos. Next time you are in the area, check out KrissKo taco! Really nice west coast Mexican place in Hongdae! I’m definitely going to check this place out next time in the area! Great review!


    1. KrissoKo Taco! I just checked it out online and oh my, it looks absolutely delicious. I’ll definitely make sure to check it out Derek. Thanks for the re-blog and your kind comments as always! :)


  2. It’s in my favorite part on Hongdae and I walked in front of it many times thinking I should try it one day. After reading your post I might try to go there really soon :)


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