[seoul] seongbuk-dong: serious deli [씨리어스 델리]

Another serious addition to the Seongbuk neighborhood! I think this area is rapidly being influenced by nearby Samcheong-dong, one of the trendiest area where all the fancy and unique cafes and restaurants can be found.

This pizzeria is in approx. 5-10 minute walk distance from Slow Garden, Seongbukdong BidulgiChocolate con Churros and half way between these places and Cafe 256. Very near Seongbuk elementary school and right across Wood and Brick.

Serious Deli [씨리어스 델리]
Seoul Seongbuk-gu
Seongbuk-dong 243-12
[성북구 성북동 243-12]
10.30 AM-10.30 PM
Parking N/A
Hansungdae Subway Station


When driving by this place, day OR night, there was always a long line of people waiting outside on queue and I was thinking to myself, how good can a pizza be?


So I couldn’t help but try it out for myself.




I loved how rusty yet fashionably vintage this place looked!


Today’s Salad [8,000 KRW]


Chef’s Pasta – Seafood Spicy Oil [15,500 KRW]


Chili Pepper and Salami Pizza [17,000 KRW]


Serious Burger [16,500 KRW]



The overall food quality and presentation was great but taste wise, I personally don’t think it was all that extraordinary but surely decent enough. I definitely see myself going back to try their pumpkin gorgonzola pasta next time!


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