[seoul] seongbuk-dong: flying elephant [날아라 코끼리]

If you know where Napoleon and Starbucks in Hangsundae station is, this place isn’t so hard to look for but again it’s not one of the places you walk pass and find.

Walk in about a minute to the alley next to Starbucks and you should be able to see this place on the right hand side.

Flying Elephant [날아라 코끼리]
Seoul Seongbuk-gu
Seongbuk-dong 1-ga 37
[서울 성북구 성북동 1가 37번지]
11.30 AM-9 PM (OFF Sunday)
Parking Available
Hansungdae Subway Station



I walked pass this place several times but never really bothered to try, though I thought it looked pretty cute, because nothing really drew me into it until I saw the sign that they were having the seasonal menu “군고구마라떼” or baked sweet potato latte, which I’ve never tried before.



They have a small photo studio on their semi second floor area.






So much going on in this cafe! So many cute little decors every corner.


Yes this was the reason!





So, we had their Citron Tea [6,000 KRW], Baked Sweet Potato Latte [6,000 KRW] and their Cheese Tarte [5,000 KRW].

Ok, to be frank, I personally thought the Baked Sweet Potato Latte was plain horrible. It may have been better off as a soup than a drink. Yikes. Thanks to this experience I’ll avoid this kind of menu at all cost.

Citron tea in the other hand can never go wrong… but the cake was just… MEH.

This cafe is so adorable and I really want to give it another chance but I think next time I’ll just stick to the traditional espresso based coffee and be less experimental as I was this time.


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