[seoul] itaewon: manoffin [마노핀]

It was my very first time in Itaewon. I heard a lot about this place especially from my ex-university professor who used to be in the U.S. Army based in Korea that it’s very much comparable to Khaosan Road in Thailand – which I thought was pretty accurate.

Bars, clubs, shops, restaurants and sellers trying to get you to buy ‘cheap and fake’ watch and purses in their shops.. ah how reminiscent I was!

After a oh so very pleasant meal at Olea Kitchen & Grocery, just down the Hyatt Hotel which I will soon write a blog post about, we walked along the Itaewon road until we came across this place.

Manoffin [마노핀]
Seoul Yongsan-gu
Itaewon-dong 112-5
[서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 112-5]
Sunday-Thursday: 9 AM-2 AM Friday-Saturday: 9 AM-6 AM
Itaewon Subway Station [Exit 2]
Parking N/A


I had no planned destination so decided to take a walk exploring the main Itaewon street first when I knew I just had to try this place out. And I knew it had to be good given the fact that it was most crowded and there were no seats in all three floors of the shop (we had to wait around 10 minutes with our tray desperately waiting for a table to empty – yes I now know better to reserve a seat before ordering.)







Their signature muffin hats!




I don’t know if other places in Itaewon are like this but this place has the longest opening hours ever! Sunday-Thursday: 9 AM-2 AM Friday-Saturday: 9 AM-6 AM


After 6 PM part of the third floor transforms into a Manoffin Salon where you can have cocktails and finger food!





Iced Americano [4,100 KRW], Iced Vanilla Latte [4,500 KRW] & Cacao Cupcake [5,500 KRW]


Hot Americano with Earl Grey Hat Muffin [5,100 KRW] – ordering with coffee, you only gotta add 1,000 or 1,500 KRW depending on the flavor of your muffin hat.

..and oh my, the muffin softens up from the hot steam and it becomes so soft and full of moisture. It’s just the right amount of sweetness that goes so well with americano.

I wasn’t sure at first whether it was the same branch as the ones I see on subways but indeed it was! They are called the Manoffin Express whereas the one in Itaewon is a Manoffin Bakery Cafe.

Anyways, though Manoffin wasn’t really my typical type of cafes I’d normally go for, it’s worth the try if you are in the area!


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