[seoul] itaewon: olea kitchen & grocery [올리아 키친 앤 그로서리]

I wish I came to explore Itaewon a little earlier. Now that it’s closing up to the day I must go back, there seems to be so many places I wish I could have visited.

Even to this day I’m not quite familiar with Itaewon and all the popular restaurants/cafes around the area so I decided to search around the net when I came across this one.

What made me decide this HAD to be my first place to try was the picture of their Crab Meat Rose Sauce Pasta which you will see for yourselves below!

Olea Kitchen & Grocery [올리아 키친 앤 그로서리]
Seoul Yongsan-gu
Itaewon-dong 4-4
[서울 용산구 이태원동 4-4]
11 AM-11 PM
Parking Available
Noksapyeong Subway Station


This is probably one of the fanciest and slightly over-priced restaurants I’ve tried in Seoul. It’s located at the end of gyeonglidan-road near Grand Hyatt Hotel so if you’re coming up from the subway station, it’s gonna be a quiet a walk up the hill.




The Grocery/Cafe section located on the semi-basement floor of the place.



Isn’t this the cutest extra virgin oil ever?


And the very fancy menu tablet.




As you can see, the place is very cozy and to the right on the picture above is more of a private zone with about 3-4 tables setting.


Assorted Appetizer [42,900 KRW] which is said to be good for 2 people.

The ingredients were very fresh but taste wise, it wasn’t anything too memorable in my opinion.


Squid Ink Risotto [24,200 KRW]


and this. is what made me decide I had to try this place out ASAP. Crab Meat Rose Sauce [30,500 KRW]

If you love crabs like I do, please please please do visit this place if you are in Seoul, you won’t be disappointed. But what made me wonder was where the other side of the claw went… the body was there, the legs were there but there was only one claw… what happened to my crab?


Anyways, the total came out as above which is quite pricey for a meal. And honestly for me? Only the pasta was worth the money I paid.

Overall impression! of Olea Kitchen & Grocery was that it’s very nice but… it’s one of those places you take someone on special occasions once in a while.


4 thoughts on “[seoul] itaewon: olea kitchen & grocery [올리아 키친 앤 그로서리]

  1. It looks like a nice place. I really like when the menu is on a tablet. When I was in Seoul last time, there was a Danish hotdog stand (Steff Houlberg) in Itaewon. Wonder if it’s still there? :)


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