[seoul] daehangno: queens town [퀸스타운]

You know one of those places that you try out and you are unsure whether it’s blog worthy or not? Well, this was one of them. Neither did I plan nor knew this place existed but was first thing in my sight when I was starving and wandering around Daehangno (I seem to be starving quite often).

I can only say that this place was different somehow.

Queens Town [퀸스타운]
Seoul Jongno-gu
Dongsung-dong 1-98
[서울 종로구 동숭동 1-98]
Parking N/A
Hyehwa Subway Station


So it’s located on the Exit 2 side of the Hyehwa station which I was late to discover and oh my, so many eateries in this specific alley! This place I thought, at first glance, was a very fancy Italian restaurant or something.


The price of these special menus was the main reason why I went in ‘cos it seemed pretty cheap for the kind of food they have!


There are other menus as well..


I ordered a set special menu with additional 3,500 KRW which comes with today’s soup, garlic bread and drink of your choice from sprite, coke and mountain dew.


This was set number 4 – Mongolian Grill ‘Nurungji’ Seafood Fried Rice (what a mouthful!) [11,000 KRW] – it was a first. I’ve never had anything like it before. Not necessarily that good but it was… unique. Like rice in a bit of seafood soup with takoyaki kind of taste to it.


Seafood Spaghetti [11,000 KRW]


The look of the place is great. It’s very romantic under dim light and bricked walls and they even have spacious outdoor seats which I think only opens in the evening.


But I don’t know. It’s something about their non-hygenic looking dishware/utensils, cheap but decent tasting food, the way they lay their salad/pickles right infront of the entrance in an open air but surprisingly nice vibe… oh my. it all just didn’t fit together somehow.

But in spite of that, just wanted to share this experience with everyone if you happen to wander around Daenghano and walk by this fancy looking restaurant!


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