[bkk] ayutthaya – half day tour

Ayutthaya is one of many cities in Bangkok with deep rooted history. It’s an ancient capital city of Thailand – or Siam as previously called. The city has numerous ruins left from the time when the Burmese invaded and burnt down almost all of the city to the ground. Now the city is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and in my opinion worth a visit because the ruins are incredibly massive and absolutely breathtaking.


After visiting two wat – or temple – ruins, we decided it was enough and decided to go see Ayutthaya’s floating market and elephant village which was quite a disappointment to be frank. Maybe it’s because I’ve been the bigger and more famous floating markets in the past, like the ones in Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa.


Now, this place I’m about to mention is not familiar among the tourists but very popular with the locals in Thailand. They would come all the way from the city just to have a taste of their grilled river prawn. The place is called “Ton Nam” located in Bang Pa-In Road which I think was on the middle way heading to the city from Ayutthaya.

This restaurant is literally floating on Chao Phraya River and let me warn you if you decide to take the seat on the boat or the raft make sure to take the seats in the centre because little did I know, we quickly took the empty seats with the best view in the restaurant along the edge of the raft and immediately got motion sick and ask to change our table.


They have different price for the river prawn depending on the size. The one I ordered was the 500 Baht one and even that was huge!

It was short but a nice retreat away from the busy city life and though the city of Ayutthaya is incredibly fascinating I would recommend it to be a half day tour rather than an entire day.

Oh and I think I was kind of carried away with editing the photos in my new Macbook. Teehee. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “[bkk] ayutthaya – half day tour

  1. That is so funny! A friend of mine actually recommended me that restaurant on the river when I visited Thailand a year ago! However, the taxi-driver didn’t know, where it was, and I didn’t bring a map, so after driving around a little, I gave up. Next time I’ll definitely try to find it again:) PS: love your new blog design:)


    1. Really! That’s too bad you couldn’t find it last time. Seriously though, they have the BEST grilled river prawns! I wonder how big the 1,300 Baht one is. Maybe you can try that next time and let me know? :p


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