#1 – the liebster award

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Muchas Gracias Derek, from Derek Versus Lonely Planet, for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

I was in Korea past couple of months and I’m glad I was because one, I started blogging again and two, I discovered some very wonderful bloggers who share the same interests as me.

One of the bloggers, which I am so glad to have found, is Derek as mentioned above.

His blog is very fun, interesting and informative to read. And most importantly can’t thank you enough for always leaving me encouraging comments that I look forward to!

11 Questions from the Nominee:

1) How did you feel writing your first blog post?

I was uber excited by the thought that I could now share all the goodies I discover – be it food, places, products and what not – with my family, friends and even people I haven’t met – all over the world.

2) Is there any experience that you blogged about that sticks out in your mind?


3) Why did you choose to be a blogger?

It’s always been my passion – finding good eateries, photographing what I eat (even when I know how much it annoys people around me) and I thought it was such a waste to only keep it for myself. So that’s when I decided to be a blogger to share all the goodies I discover.

4) If you could change one thing about your blog what would it be?

The size of the pictures from my earlier posts… I didn’t realize it was taking up so much space! 

5) You have one type of food you can eat for the rest of your life (ie, Korea, American,etc) which type would you choose?

This is a horrible question Derek. God forbid this day really comes. But if I really really had to choose, I will have to say.. Japanese. 

6) What is your dream location to blog about?

L.A., California! I don’t even have a plan to revisit yet; call me an enthusiast but I already have a list of places to try out when I’m there.

7) If you could have one meal prepared, by one celebrity chef, who would it be and what would be the meal?

I know some names but I don’t keep up with any.. does my mom count? 

8) What is one travel book that you would recommend?

None. When I travel, I never take travel books. Just go with the flow, ya know? Well, of course with a little bit of help from Google here and there.

9) What did you study in university?

British and American Studies.

10) Do you prefer to travel by yourself or with friends? Why?

Definitely with friends (those that I can go twenty-four hours without pulling each others hair). Well actually… I’ve never traveled alone so I can’t really say but I don’t think I will ever want to. I love being around people especially when we get to explore new places together!

11) Street food? Yay or Nah? Why?

Your questions are so difficult Derek! As much as I love street food I try to avoid it knowing how unhygienic and unhealthy it is. Plus, I’m now in a healthier eating phase so for now I would have to say it’s a Nah.

11 Random Facts:

1) Travelling South Africa is one of the top on my bucket list

2) My sister was born in California – why not me?!

3) I like all beans except red

4) I don’t watch Romantic movies in theatre

5) Desserts with apple as an ingredient are my least favorite

6) But I love apple

7) I have a thing for men in uniform

8) I have secret urge to shoot down all slow walkers in the world

9) 24 is my all time favourite American series

10) I don’t drink Coke. Pepsi. Anything that’s soda and black

11) I turned herbivore (more like pescatarian actually) two years ago after watching a Youtube clip on animal slaughter

Now, according to the Liebster Award rule, I must nominate a blogger with less than 200 followers who I think deserves more bloglovin’ and give 11 random questions for him/her to answer, so here it goes!

The Indie Guide To Hongdae – Jonas, you’ve been nominated!

… and here are some very random questions for you.

1. Do you own a pet?

2. What genre of music do you enjoy listening to?

3. How many countries have you visited so far?

4. And which is your favourite and why?

5. What do you use for your blog photography?

6. Are you more of a sweet tooth or a savoury tooth?

7. What’s your all time favourite series?

8. Rice or Pasta?

9. Beach or Mountain?

10. Do you have a motto that you live by?

11. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?

So I guess this is it. I hope I didn’t miss out on any of the rules. Once again, thank you Derek for nominating me. I would have nominated you for sure if it wasn’t for the silly rule!

Thank you all for reading and hope you had a wonderful day!


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