[bkk] sukhumvit – mr. jones’ orphanage

Seenspace Thonglor 13, Sukhumvit 55
BTS Thonglor

IMG_4730 IMG_4726 IMG_4729 IMG_4740

Isn’t this the cutest café – like, ever? The owner who also owns the very hip bars such as Iron Fairies, Fat Gut’z and Clouds, all in the very hi-so street of Bangkok – Thonglor, has decided he had enough with the bars and introduced us with a unique ‘orphanage themed’ café.

Ok, to be frank, even as a girl it feels slightly awkward going in there with a fellow adult human being because the place is just too.. cute! You know what I mean? It’s one of those places I wouldn’t recommend two males to visit if you don’t want people to have a misunderstanding about your… friendship.

Normally I’d go for their desserts because it’s absolutely deli-freakin-licious! But this day I decided to try out their brunch for a change. Maybe it was because I had high expectations but their brunch was a.. no-no. I mean not that it tasted bad or anything but it wasn’t worth the price. So basic and bland.


I guess at times it’s not a bad idea to stick to your usuals. Even though I don’t recommend their brunch menus, their desserts are TO DIE FOR!


2 thoughts on “[bkk] sukhumvit – mr. jones’ orphanage

  1. The desserts and pastries look delicious but from the pictures I think I have to agree with you; the brunch looks rather average. You’d expect something cuter from these surroundings:)


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