february – what’s been happening?

IMG_4771 copy

Getting my nails done at Blezz – I’m sure all the girls would agree that choosing the nail colour is probably one of the toughest decisions to make in life.

IMG_4749 copy copy IMG_4770 copy IMG_4523 copy IMG_4525 copy IMG_4527 copy IMG_4785 copy

Aren’t they the prettiest necklaces from Forever 21?

IMG_4804a IMG_4786 copy

My morning routine. Checking blog updates and having my first cup of coffee of the day.. which usually follows by many more.

IMG_4811 copy

My two absolute favourite purchases of the month – New Look bag which I think was about 60% off and Zara’s block heel sandals which is absolutely stunning and not to mention, uber comfortable!

Last but not least, some of my very random Instagram photos from February.

Can’t believe it’s March already! Last month went by with the blink of an eye. Here are some moments captured from the month of February. Random but I thought I’d share something more personal.

Hope everyone has a wonderful start to the month of March!


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