[bkk] bangna – alto coffee

Mega Bangna

IMG_3080 copy

Craving for a decent cup of ‘real’ coffee brewed by championship award winning baristas in town? Alto is the place to be.

IMG_3087 copy IMG_3088 copy IMG_3090 copy IMG_3091 copy

They sell coffee-related items as well… ranging from beans to coffee makers.

Mega Bangna, as the name suggests.. is MEGA huge. Alto is located right next to the main entrance on the second floor (opposite iStudio, next to Fuji Japanese restaurant).

IMG_3085 copy IMG_4718 copy

I’m usually not a huge fan of very sweet coffee but they had this Iced Macaron Macchiato that I’ve never seen anywhere before and as I love macaron AND coffee, I had to try what it was like.

IMG_8488 copy IMG_9241 copy

There’s obviously the more popular coffee franchises such as Starbucks, Au Bon Pain and what not – but if you are looking for something more… fresh, I would recommend you to try this place out for their specialty coffee and won’t hurt to have a nice warm brownie alongside.


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