[bkk] sukhumvit – greyhound café

J-Avenue Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55

Started off with a fashion line more than 30 years ago – greyhound has made a huge name for themselves as one of the biggest restaurant chains in Thailand and now has several branches in Hong Kong as well.

IMG_2938 copy IMG_2916 copy IMG_2920 copy IMG_2923 copy

This one’s my absolute favourite appetiser. I order it every single time and never get bored of it.

IMG_2936 copy IMG_2926 copy IMG_2925 copy IMG_2927 copy

This is the J-Avenue branch. Greyhound is one of those places that you know you’ll be satisfied no matter which day of the week, which time of day you visit. The variety of menu they offer is amazing. It ranges from Western, fusion to Thai-all-the-way kind of food. And it tastes GREAT with very reasonable price oh and not to mention very neat presentation of the food.

IMG_2918 copy IMG_2937 copy

So far I haven’t tried any menu that did not taste good in any of their branches and I eat here pretty damn often. If you’re not in a mood to explore – this is your safest and most reliable bet.


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