[bkk] sukhumvit – gram

Sukhumvit 49 (The 49 Terrace)

I was very excited to try out this new brunch café but for some very odd reasons they were ALWAYS closed whenever I went so I ended up just having my usual cup of coffee and pastry at Starbucks instead.

When I was almost certain they were out of business, I found out they are closed on Mondays! and I guess I happened to go there ONLY on Mondays. Oh and keep in mind they are only open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

IMG_4876 copy

One thing and only thing that caught my attention prior to trying this place out was their GRAM sign – how vintage and 80’s?? I LOVE IT! Plus that sign is uber photogenic.

IMG_4875 copy

They have these fresh pressed juices that was very refreshing and not to mention much healthier choice to coffee or other sugary drinks. But how hypocritical of me… I ended up having my usual cup of Iced Cappuccino anyways but hey I did have a taste of my friends’!

IMG_4880 copy IMG_4884 copy IMG_4886 copy

Quinoa Salad

Quinoa, since I don’t even know when, was very forgotten in my kitchen at home but thanks to GRAM we are now back on track with this healthy super food. At first glance I thought I ordered something wrong though… doesn’t it look like how other places would serve Thai fried rice?

IMG_4887 copy IMG_4889 copy

The food was slightly too creamy for my taste and the main downside of this place I would say is that there are only outdoor seats available and when Bangkok is almost at it’s boiling point as of lately, it’s not a very ideal place to go relax and have a nice brunch ‘cos most likely you’ll end up kind of grumpy and sweaty like I was…

But when the weather cools down I can imagine finding myself there every other week because one, I love the 49 terrace (it’s one of my favourite Starbucks branches) and two, I can’t get over how cute their sign is.

Oh there’s one thing I wish I had not seen while I was there though… I witnessed the waitress putting the utensils back in the shelve after dropping it on the floor. How I wish I had not seen that…

Screen Shot 2557-03-20 at 5.45.20 PM

But nonetheless, here’s me showing off my mad Instagram skill. HAH just kidding – just wanted to prove how photogenic this sign is – it even makes a cup of coffee look handsome. I think I may be slightly obsessed.


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