[seoul] samcheong-dong – samcheong hwa [삼청화]

Seoul Jongno-gu Sogyeok-dong 112 [서울시 종로구 소격동 112]

Samcheong-dong, without doubt my ultimate favourite street in Korea, is overloaded with absolutely amazing cafés, many Italian resaurants but one thing I realised was that it was lacking a decent authentic Korean restaurant.

Good brunch and cafés are nice but with so many tourists every single day, it sounds quite wrong they would not have more Korean restaurants in the area.

IMG_2044 copy IMG_2045 copy

After a decent time spent on researching where to eat around the area we were very lucky to have found this place tucked away in the back alley of Samcheong-dong (it’s further in in the alley where you find Etude).

As their sub-line suggests, it was definitely like a ‘mother’s meal’.

IMG_2053 IMG_2051 copy IMG_2048 copy

Just look at those boiling stews, bibimbab and seafood pancake! OM NOM NOM big time!

I remember this day very clearly. We were hungry. And cold. But the food here was absolutely delicious even for my Korean self.

IMG_2046IMG_2043 copy

I highly recommend this place for those who are looking to try out authentic Korean cuisine in the area.


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