[bkk] ploenchit – la monita taqueria

Mahatun Plaza, Ploenchit
BTS Ploenchit

IMG_4948 copyIMG_4950 copy

Conveniently located in Mahatun Plaza (orange-ish building) right off Ploenchit Station, La Monita has made its name as the place with best Mexican food in town.

Without doubt I’m a huge fan of Mexican food and this has been my go-to ever since I started taking my Spanish lessons right across the place couple of years ago.

IMG_4953 copy

Since I’ve been away travelling, moving house and what not – it was a while since I’ve been to La Monita and one night I was up late, watching CSI (not that it’s relevant) and suddenly this intense craving for Mexican at this place hit me hard!

So yeah, we ended up driving in town for it the very next day. I’m not very patient when it comes to food craving.

IMG_4945 copy

Ooops, I didn’t realise the cute lady was posing for my camera. Hehe, HI!

IMG_4952 copy IMG_4962 copy

Anyways, I think we kind of overestimated our capability to finish all these ‘cos at that time we felt like we could finish everything in the menu. We ended up taking home 2  slices of each Quesadilla and Crunch Star.

I think it’s not so much the quantity of the food but the taste – it’s delicious but as much as you want to, you can only have one too many of cream and cheese filled goodies.

IMG_4964 copy

Oh and mainly when I say I crave La Monita? I’m craving THIS – VEGGIE NACHO FRIES. Ah… if heaven was food, this is it.

IMG_4966 copy

I actually tried this for the first time – Mushroom Asparagus Crunch Star. It was good but a little too salty.

IMG_4957 copy IMG_4967 copy

Ok, the reason for this random shot of Jalapeño is because I was kind of in shock by how the waitresses (not one but two) did not know what Jalapeño was! Not only is it in the menu and they charge 45 Baht, I’m asking for Jalapeño at a Mexican restaurant! You just kind of expect them to have a slightest idea of what that is rather than looking at me as if I was asking for something from Mars.

I don’t know if it’s just my taste buds but I felt like the food was on the saltier side compared to before and they may have raised the price as well.

Nonetheless, the place is small but always buzzing with energy. They now have small booth in Food Loft, Central Chitlom and La Monita truck in Siam Paragon G floor.


2 thoughts on “[bkk] ploenchit – la monita taqueria

    1. Thanks for dropping by ka Gail! Your blog is amazing and so is your style :) So glad to have found readers from BKK hehe. And do try it out it’s hands down best Mexican in town!

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