bangkok farmers’ market


Can you believe I was clueless about the concept of farmers’ market until one day my friend mentioned she was going to one held in Bo-Lan restaurant? It seemed interesting. Something different, you know? Then I started digging into it. And discovered a whole new world of community out there who’s “primary goal is to help build strong foundations for communities and focus on life. Working towards sustainability for future generations and our home planet Earth.”

Quite impressive, don’t you think?

And it wasn’t till when I’ve been to one myself that I realised it was wayyyy cooler than I’ve expected it to be.

Follow their Facebook page for news and updates.

IMG_4931 copy

Normally the market is held at K-Village (Sukhumvit 26) but this specific weekend was at Thonglor 19, DM Home.

It was much smaller with only few vendors out selling but it was all good. As always, I got some fresh and organic vegetables and treated myself with some macaroons and healthy pressed juice.

IMG_4976 copy

IMG_4978 copy

This was taken just last weekend on their first anniversary. They were selling A LOT of stuff, everywhere around K-Village. It was HOT and crowded. But one thing I realised that day was that everyone seemed so content whether they were part of the vendors, consumers or even bystanders. I could really feel the sense of ‘community’ forming – if that makes sense.

As new as this whole thing is to us Bangkokians, it was definitely a pleasant scene to observe and was glad to see the changes, gradual but happening, in our Thai/Expat community focused on healthy living.

Thank you Bangkok Farmers’ Market for doing what you do.


13 thoughts on “bangkok farmers’ market

    1. Thanks! Crazy guy in Thailand… haha :P l think others can really see how life here is in Thailand through your blog – you know, typical touristy places put aside. Amazing. Thanks for reading again.


    1. You’re very welcome! I found out not too long ago myself and totally been following them ever since. You can check their Facebook page to see where and when it is next :)


  1. Hello ! :) I am one of the organizers of the Bangkok Farmers’ Market. Thanks for helping us spread the word about the Bangkok Farmers Market

    ps, can you delete my first post :) made a little mistake hehe.


    1. Hello Han! Wow, you’re very welcome! :) You guys are doing some very awesome job and I would love for more people to know about it and get involved! Thanks for dropping by :)


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