[bkk] ploenchit – lyon french cuisine

Soi Ruamrudee, Ploenchit

Lyon was around for many many years but I’m not sure why I never got around to trying it. Looking back at my food album I realised I didn’t blog about it when I went there last christmas which was also my first time trying out French cuisine.

IMG_2848 copy

Prior to the visit I had this perception of Lyon as a upscale – very expensive – restaurant ‘cos something about the word ‘French’ indirectly suggests so (is it just me?).

IMG_2828 copy IMG_2827 copyIMG_2830 copy IMG_2829 copy IMG_2831 copy IMG_2832 copy

But it was to my surprise to find the place so cozy and comfortable. It was like having a home cooked meal in a very nice homely atmosphere.

I know there are many ‘unique’ and strange dishes in French cuisine but I decided to stay safe and go with my usual fish. Never knew almonds go so well together!

IMG_2840 copy IMG_2839 copy

Oh this is Crepe Suzette, their signature dessert, in the making! I personally don’t like ice cream and desserts with anything orange or citrusy flavour but I had to try just to see them make it.

IMG_2842 copy

This is half of the portion. They won’t mind if you order one and just ask them to serve it in two.

Lyon is one of those rare places that are suitable for both very romantic dinners as well as family gatherings.

It was indeed a very pleasant dining experience – one that is satisfying without hurting your wallet too much! Staffs were very professional and attentive as well. I think I might be going back more often from now on.

IMG_2833 copy IMG_2834 copy IMG_2835 copy IMG_2836 copy IMG_2837 copy


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