[bkk] silom – dean & deluca


MahaNakhon Branch, Narathiwas Road, Silom
BTS Chong Nonsi Exit 3
BRT Chong Nonsi Exit 1

Originated from Soho, NYC many decades earlier, Dean & Deluca has opened up in BKK!

To be exact, it has been open for awhile now actually. First this branch in MahaNakhon, then the second branch in Park Ventures Ploenchit then the latest one in Sathorn Square. However, this main branch just went through a make over and is said to be the largest in Asia. Yep. You heard that right.

IMG_5165 copy

As you can see, the exterior isn’t very completed yet but everything is operating per usual.

I enjoy D&D from time to time and even before the renovation it was pretty big with high ceiling, bright open space and always crowded with locals, expats and tourists.

IMG_5117 copy

I feel like the new design is focused more on the gourmet side of D&D. It’s like visiting Gourmet supermarket in Emporium or Paragon and even some products (actually, most of them) can be found in other markets around the city.

But I think I know where they’re coming from. Sathorn/Silom, an area where majority of all the big local and foreign companies are located at, is populated with businessman/woman who are too busy with work to have time for grocery, let alone to have a nice meal. Hence, D&D can come to their rescue. Simple, quick and healthy meal and grocery at one go! Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

IMG_5118 copyIMG_5116 copy

Oh did I mention the variety of sweets they have? Talk about killing three birds!

IMG_5119 copyIMG_5121 copyIMG_5126 copy

This section is like a café within a café. More for those grabbing a quick bite rather than an actual meal.

IMG_5135 copyIMG_5122 copyIMG_5123 copyIMG_5125 copyIMG_5124 copyIMG_5136 copyIMG_5133 copyIMG_5132 copyIMG_5131 copyIMG_5130 copyIMG_5129 copyIMG_5134 copy

There aren’t any individual tables so you either gotta sit across a random dude or have a seat by the bar and watch the chefs work their magic.

IMG_5113 copyIMG_5138 copyIMG_5140 copy

Salmon Teriyaki is my all time favourite in D&D! So delicious though the portion is quiet small and may not be too filling. Oh and I never knew it was okay for pizza slice to be THAT big. I mean compared to typical pizzas sold in Thailand, that’s like two (or even three) slices combined. HUGE!

IMG_5148 copy

And despite how full I was, my trip to D&D wouldn’t have been completed without trying their Earl Grey cake. As you can tell from the picture, the texture was slightly too jello like for my taste but you still get a pretty strong taste of earl grey, which is always lovely.

IMG_5114 copy IMG_5115 copy

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