march & april – what’s been happening?

IMG_5078 copy

So happy Game of Thrones is back! My favourite characters – Arya and the Hound.

IMG_5168 copy IMG_5524 copyIMG_5528 copy IMG_5597 copy

Alpacas… they are the sweetest looking creatures, EVER!

IMG_5581 copy IMG_5242 copy IMG_4993IMG_5016 copy IMG_4987 copy

Can never go wrong with all white with hint of black and gold.

IMG_4988 copy IMG_5002 copy

Meeting a friend for breakfast – having iced hazelnut macchiato with grilled vegetable wrap.

IMG_5751 copy

Beauuutiful day at Hua Hin.

IMG_5936 copy

A total life saver when Thailand’s been burning up. Literally. It’s almost 40 degrees celsius out and you start pouring sweat the second you step out of your A/C zone.

Anniehow, March & April was one hell of a busy one for me and I’m sensing May to be even busier.

May you have a wonderful, yumful May!

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