[bkk] ladprao – hagi

Centara Grand At Central Plaza Ladprao

Japanese food is good. Japanese buffet? Even better.

IMG_5205 copy IMG_5206 copy IMG_5204IMG_5176 copy IMG_5184 copy

There are some decent Japanese buffets that’s been around for awhile but I’ve never, ever, been to one with such quality. This place, Hagi, is a magical restaurant that turns to a buffet only on weekends and holidays. It’s not one of those places where you go get your own plate and food but you actually order from your table from the very same weekday non-buffet menu. I think this is their selling point – you know you’re getting quality not just fast made cheap Japanese like in most of other buffets.

IMG_5188 copy IMG_5189 copy IMG_5192 copy IMG_5196 copy IMG_5198 copy IMG_5199 copy

Whenever I go to this place all I can think is how I wish I had a bigger stomach to eat more. Buffet isn’t really for me because no matter how hungry I am I can never eat enough or as much as I want to.

But you say you have plenty of space in your tummy for some real good quality Japanese? Definitely check it out. Can’t emphasise enough how much I recommend this place.

IMG_5203 copy IMG_5201 copy IMG_5200 copy IMG_5186 copy IMG_5195 copy IMG_5202 copy IMG_5194 copy

IMG_5182 copy IMG_5181 copy IMG_5180 copy IMG_5179 copy IMG_5177 copy


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9 thoughts on “[bkk] ladprao – hagi

    1. I so wish too so that you can try how amazing it is! and noo that’s green tea ice cream. I’m not sure I’d dare to try a wasabi flavour even if there was! xP


      1. I love green tea ice-cream here so I know i’d love it. We have had Wasabi ice-cream here and in Japan and it wasn’t spicy at all. Just more of the wasabi flavor. Sort of like if you bought wasabi powder it’s really not spicy.


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