sib goes to khao yai

Khaoyai translated literally as “big mountain” is one of my favourite places to go when I just want to get out for some fresh air.

A popular country get away for many locals, just couple of hours north of Bangkok, consists of so many beautiful resorts and cafés, Italy-Tuscan-inspired (not to forget Super Mario-inspired) attractions, vast winery, big mountains, breath taking national park – you get the idea.

IMG_5408 copy IMG_5396 copy IMG_5411 copy IMG_5412 copy IMG_5439 copy IMG_5452 copy IMG_5470 copy IMG_5457 copy IMG_5469 copy IMG_5482 copy IMG_5493 copy IMG_5494 copy IMG_5531 copy IMG_5551 copy IMG_5535 copy IMG_5553 copy IMG_5556 copy IMG_5594 copy IMG_5563 copy IMG_5566 copy IMG_5568 copy IMG_5569 copy IMG_5585 copy IMG_5588 copy IMG_5614 copy IMG_5660 copy IMG_5659 copy IMG_5661 copy IMG_5676 copy IMG_5674 copy IMG_5669 copyIMG_5629 copy IMG_5633 copySo yes, while the men of the family played golf we the ladies decided to take advantage of the precious time and went for a little detour around Khaoyai to the places we haven’t been to yet.

Hope you enjoyed my picture diary! 

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