sib goes to korea

IMG_6048 copy

here i am, off to korea for couple of weeks!

IMG_6059 copy

flew with asiana airlines and boy was it a horrible flight. i couldn’t sleep the whole way, the seats seemed smaller than usual, shitty in-flight entertainments, crying babies everywhere and the list goes on…

IMG_6055 copy

this probably was my favourite part of the flight, as always.

IMG_6057 copy IMG_6058 copy IMG_6061 copy IMG_6062 copy

despite the horrible flight, we arrived safe and sound!

IMG_6064 copy

oh and my must have once i touch down, jamba juice! it totally made up for the shitty flight.

annieways, hope everyone is having a lovely start to may, though it’s almost already mid-may which is cray cray… will keep you posted! xx


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