sib goes to yeouido [여의도]

our plan today was to get out of our comfort zone and explore the different side of seoul that we haven’t seen yet. and the compass pointed to yeouido!

though i was too late for the spring flower festival filled with beautiful blossoms, it was still worth it. it kind of reminded me of sathorn road in bangkok being that it is seoul’s main business and investment banking district.

we looked through blogs after blogs and decided to try out ‘long bread‘ for brunch.

IMG_6071 copyIMG_6068 copy IMG_6070 copy IMG_6072 copy

lately i’ve been hooked to ricotta cheese salad and dayumm look at them chunk of cheese! i thought it was a cute café though i normally don’t fancy café-in-a-building-kind, but it was okay. panini and sandwich tasted great, very flavourful. the ricotta cheese salad was very fresh and crisp with hint of sweetness from grapes was just perfect.

IMG_6076 copy

then we walked over to lotte castle empire to try paul bassett’s oh-so-famous ice-cream and iced latte. i’ve heard rumours that lately many people are converting to paul bassett from starbucks but… i’ll have to try several more times to see where i stand with that claim.

IMG_6078 copy IMG_6077 copy IMG_6080 copy IMG_6081 copy

but the ice-cream was indeed very milky, creamy and thick that it almost tasted like cheese!

IMG_6110 copy

just look how bright and clear the sky is! it probably was the best weather i’ve been in my entire life. the sun was warm, the breeze was cool. everyone was happy out camping and spending time with the loved ones. it was indeed a beautiful day by the han river.

IMG_6127 copy IMG_6168 copy IMG_6211 copy IMG_6213 copy IMG_6243 copy

and we knew it was time for dinner when our stomaches started to growl. i’ve heard a lot about seven springs but the yeouido branch in particular had such great reviews that we just had to see it for ourselves.

IMG_6216 copy

it’s mainly a salad buffet but they have other things like spaghetti, noodle, rice, etc.

IMG_6217 copy IMG_6215 copy

oh and desserts, too. their red velvet cake was amazeballs!

IMG_6218 copy IMG_6233 copy

our initial plan was to stay till sunset to see the view but oh my gosh, it was hitting quarter after seven and the sun wouldn’t think to go down. and the queue to the restaurant was long so we felt bad taking up the table for too long and just left…

IMG_6255 copy

now, this isn’t yeouido but we decided to take a drive to bugak skyway for a panoramic view of seoul at palgakjeong, or octagonal pavilion, that we unfortuantely missed at seven springs ‘cos the sun wouldn’t set…

IMG_6246 copy IMG_6254 copy

there are as many couples as in namsan tower. but it’s understandable not only is the view breathtaking, the drive itself is amazing. you roll down your window, smell that fresh air, feel the breeze driving up and you’ll wish the road never ends.

IMG_6262 copy IMG_6248 copy IMG_6282 copy

this is a wrap to my one day in yeouido + palgakjeong. it’s so good to be back in seoul especially in this picture perfect kind of weather. i needed it after being in close-to-40-degrees-celcius weather in bangkok.


7 thoughts on “sib goes to yeouido [여의도]

  1. I love that you are challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zones. I find myself sometimes being a creature of habit and I need to break that. I took down the amazing night views, because I haven’t been there yet. Thanks for sharing that! Oh and the various restaurants too!


    1. It’s the getting out that’s tough but once you’re out there everything is just way more exciting! and you are very very welcome! Palgakjeong was amazing you should definitely visit – less touristy version of NS Tower :)


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