[seoul] itaewon – hacienda [하시엔다]

i have rediscovered itaewon the day i discovered hacienda.

IMG_7127 copy IMG_7129 copy

tucked away on the bogwang rd 59 (down the alley near exit 4 where taco bell is located) this mexican place totally blew my mind. maybe it was them avocados…

IMG_7115 copy IMG_7117 copy IMG_7121 copyIMG_7122 copy

unlike many mexican places though, their food wasn’t TOO much if you know what I mean. it tasted just flavourful enough and fresh.

IMG_7125 copy

this was something new to me. not the four cheese quesadillas but the honey dip! am i the only one who finds this combo odd?

IMG_7118 copy IMG_7130 copy

annieways, i loved the upbeat vibe, friendly staffs, delicious food – so hell yeh, i’m definitely going back. though it’s not on the main hamilton side of the road – it’s totally worth the visit.

IMG_7113 copy IMG_7112 copy


6 thoughts on “[seoul] itaewon – hacienda [하시엔다]

    1. Hey Derek! I actually looked through your archives to check out which places I should try when I was in Itaewon and went to Swi:t B after reading your good review! So, thank you! Loved their ice-cream. I had all those gummy bear, worm jellys with the party hat thingies on mine… it was too cute lol.


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