[seoul] itaewon – swi:t b & street churros [스윗비 & 스트릿츄러스]

if you happen to be in itaewon, take a short walk down towards gyeongnidan road to discover these goodies that people queue in crazy lines for.

1. swi:t b

IMG_7149 copy IMG_7132 copy IMG_7133 copy

this was the price for two ice-cream: one plain and one crazy. quiet pricey for an ice-cream i’d say but hey, after you see how my artwork turned out, i’m sure you’d want to try it out. definitely instagram worthy.

IMG_7131 copy IMG_7141 copy

tadaaaa! isn’t this crazy? gummy bear painfully shoved up on the tiny cone above with a chocolate ball hat and 꿈틀이 (worm jelly) crawling all over my icecream. though it was a real delight, i felt like i needed a big bitter cup of espresso afterwards.

ps. thanks derek for reviewing this place!

2. street churros

IMG_7150 copy IMG_7152 copy

i don’t know if i have told you guys about my love for churros yet. but yes i’d go a thousand miles just to try out a good churros in town.

IMG_7151 copy

and oh my, these were so chewy and delicious!

these are just two of the many popular shops around the area to take note of. this trip, i have fallen in love with itaewon all over again. i love how diverse the food culture is here. so many people from all over the world. it’s like khaosan of seoul.

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