[seoul] samcheongdong – a stroll down café street

samcheongdong, one of the most tourist-packed areas in seoul also happens to be a heavenly street for café lovers like myself.

me and my buddy decided to meet up for brunch at heaven on top because we wanted to try a place that wasn’t chloris tea garden or slow garden. not that they are bad but we just needed something fresher and un-franchised, if you know what i mean.

IMG_7040 copy IMG_7043 copy IMG_7072 copy IMG_7061 copy IMG_7062 copy

very well-interiorized with baby blue toned furnitures and rather quiet compared to other cafés i’ve tried on the road. perfect if you just wanna sit down with good food and chat away the morning without distractions.

IMG_7050 copy IMG_7049 copy

french toast – perfect pinch of sweet and savour.

IMG_7051 copy

banana nutella pancake – need i say more?

IMG_7071 copy IMG_7063 copy IMG_7064 copy IMG_7074 copy IMG_7042 copy IMG_7041 copy

by the time we were done with brunch and have visited every single shops in the street we were so dehydrated. it was probably the hottest day while i was there. i swear i got minor sunburnt just from walking down samcheongdong. :/

IMG_7101 copy

it was our spontaneous decision out of thirst to try coffee byul zan (on the alley where etude house and kiehls is located).

IMG_7100 copy IMG_7107 copy IMG_7108 copy IMG_7103 copy

sadly not much to comment on this cafe because all we had was iced americano and lemonade. all i know is it was uber refreshing.

IMG_7109 copy IMG_7102 copy

from my visits over couple of months i see that there are frequent turnovers of shops in samcheongdong as many areas with countless numbers of competing cafes would be expected to. nonetheless i love it. i love all the cute lil corners – totally instagram approved. ;)


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