[bkk] chef man – dimsum heaven

in a mood for dimsum? congratulations, you’ve landed at the right page.

chef man, one of the most popular chinese restaurants in town, has a wide selection of dim-sums, sweet buns, dumplings and other cantonese delicacies with emphasis on fresh ingredients and traditional taste.

IMG_7298 copy

i’ve read on many reviews that the branch in eastern grand sathorn needs reservation way ahead of time but luckily walk-in was possible in thana city bangna branch with plenty of seats left.

* keep in mind that they only have dim-sum dishes for lunch (only 3-4 variety for dinner).

IMG_7295 copy IMG_7290 copy IMG_7289 copy IMG_7288 copy IMG_7285 copy IMG_7284 copy IMG_7283 copy

i didn’t fully realise how filling dim-sum was until this day. it may seem little as it comes in threes and fours mostly, but take my advice and order as you go. you might end up taking half of it back home. which in fact isn’t too bad for a late night snack i guess :P

IMG_7297 copy

as many chinese restaurants are, the place is pretty big with round spinning tables. i was very satisfied with the service and quality of food. not to mention, the price (which you can check below) was a lot kinder than i anticipated. i would definitely be going back when the dim-sum craving hits again.

IMG_7268 copy

* just a random personal tip: couple of months ago i’ve tried there oh-so-instafamous salted egg yolk cream buns (picture below) and boy did i taste anything like it before. i hated it! if you are new to dim-sum/bun world and happen to come across a picture of the bun with the cream explosion that “looks” very scrumptious, please try it with caution.


IMG_7275 copy IMG_7274 copy IMG_7273 copy IMG_7272 copy IMG_7271 copy IMG_7269 copy


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