going back home

IMG_6699 copy

i was so amazed by the fact that roses bloom everywhere in korea. not something you see often in thailand.

IMG_6730 copy IMG_6704 copy

seafood ramyun (instant noodle). #nomnom

IMG_6994 copy

why don’t they sell macarons in starbucks here in thailand?

IMG_6768 copy

cheese bibimbab, sooooooo good!

IMG_6991 copy

even the nature’s sunny side up! so beautiful, made me appreciative of all the little things in life.

IMG_6712 copy IMG_6697 copy IMG_7023 copy IMG_7024 copy

and there are phone charging services at most coffee shops. amazeballs!

IMG_7007 copy

go-green taxi.

IMG_6733 copy IMG_7164 copy IMG_7166 copy IMG_7173 copy IMG_7204 copy IMG_7201 copy

i’m happy and sad at the same time to be leaving my first home for my second home. but can’t wait to share all the amazing places i got to discover during this trip.

hope everyone’s doing great wherever you are! :)


8 thoughts on “going back home

  1. Oh believe it or not I really REALLY don’t like bibimbap… especially for the inflight meal! But they left me no choice it was either this or chicken so yeah… :(


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