[bkk] terminal 21 – sushi den

people often tell me i’m missing out being a pescatarian… but hayyyy i’d say those who don’t like or eat sushi are missing out in LIFE!

but sushi lovers out there! fear not, i’ve discovered a new sushi place that will totally blow your mind.

IMG_5281 copy

this tiny place sushi den on the LG floor of terminal 21 is a total hidden gem. there’s no doubt isao is still my numero uno for a sushi restaurant but this place scored SO CLOSE that i couldn’t believe it myself.

IMG_5258 copy

can’t you just tell by looking at this picture how fresh the sushi is?

IMG_5261 copy

oh it totally melts in your mouth…

IMG_5269 copy

not only the traditional sushis but these flavourful ones. MMMMM burst of heaven in your mouth!

IMG_5268 copy

i can’t even begin to describe how good these are.

IMG_5276 copy IMG_5277 copy IMG_5275 copy IMG_5278 copy IMG_5273 copy

yup. yup. we kind of went overboard with it but… i just wanted to make sure ALL of their sushis were yummy before i recommend it to anyone else, you know? *ahem*

IMG_5282 copy

but really though, this japanese restaurant is absolutely amazing and will put most of the other sushi places you’ve tried before into shame. it’s in a very easy to access area in asoke terminal 21 (every tourists’ stop spot) so why not, right?

IMG_5266 copy IMG_5265 copy IMG_5264 copy


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