[seoul] seochon village to samcheongdong (& everything in between)

it was a lovely day in seoul. warm and breezy. i felt as if staying home would be a betrayal to the nice weather so me and my cousins headed out for a café tour. normally we would’ve opted for samcheongdong but this time, we took a slight detour and decided to check out what seochon village has got to offer.

“seochon” literally translated as “western village” is like a place where past meets present. though they preserved some of its traditional feels i feel as if it’s been compromised – as many tourist attractions are expected to be.

but we somehow ended up at samcheongdong at the end of the day… tell me about law of attraction.

so here is how my day went…


IMG_6775 copy

i think i can say this was the tiniest restaurant i’ve ever been to. i felt like a giant in a doll house.

IMG_6776 copy

even the garden made me feel strange…

IMG_6774 copy IMG_6771 copy

but they say don’t judge a restaurant by its size… whoever said that, was totally right in this case. to my surprise this place had one of the best italians i’ve tried in seoul.

IMG_6780 copy IMG_6781 copy

veggie piño pasta.

IMG_6783 copy

hot seafood rice.

IMG_6786 copy

rucola pizza. oh yessss…

IMG_6772 copyIMG_6769 copy IMG_6790 copy

but finding the place can be a hunt. keep your eyes open for this alley right here to find gomjo!

so after our satisfying meal, we just walked along the street checking out different cafés, restaurants, museums and shops.

IMG_6795 copy IMG_6796 copy IMG_6797 copy

the village isn’t too big but there are lots of eateries in this tiny street. after the short sight seeing, we were aimlessly walking towards gyeongbok palace when we were near dehydration hence the spontaneous entrance to the next place!


IMG_6933 copy

this hanok (korea’s traditional architecture style) cafe, i’ve passed by many times but only got to try it on this day.

IMG_6828 copy

hi minions, furbies and kitties…

IMG_6829 copy IMG_6834 copy

to be frank, all we needed was some hydration and a place to rest our feet. so yup, it served the purpose.

then, we walked again. passed the palace. still walking aimlessly of course. when we decided hey! this is so close to samcheongdong and since chriselle just uploaded a photo on instagram saying she was in that area, why don’t we drop by? totally a fan girl moment it was.

nope, we didn’t get to meet her but instead tried this new and another hanok styled café. this time for some desserts.

3. DAL

IMG_6962 copy IMG_6968 copy

plain waffle.

IMG_6964 copy

red bean bingsu.

IMG_6957 copy IMG_6958 copy

IMG_6959 copy IMG_6960 copy

the waffles were uber delicious. the shaved ice was extremely refreshing.

it was a day of lonnnng walks and random café drop bys but i loved it. check out seochon village, if you haven’t. nothing too exciting i’d say but there are lots of eateries to try out if brunch at samcheongdong isn’t your cup of tea.


9 thoughts on “[seoul] seochon village to samcheongdong (& everything in between)

  1. I love cafes that have little tiny things that make you feel taller. Maybe it’s because I’m short and enjoy feeling big :) Your pictures look really stunning SIB. I would love for my photos to turn out that way.


    1. Aww thank you Jenny! I’m also short and I guess that applies for me too hehehe :P Thanks for dropping by! You have a really interesting blog! xx


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