[bkk] my birthday at above eleven

IMG_7261 copy

so last month was my twenty-fourth birthday! i still feel eighteen though… where did my past 6 years go?

IMG_7263 copy

i just wanted to spend my day with family and some friends at one of my favourite rooftop restaurants in bangkok.

IMG_7214 copy

above eleven located on the 33rd floor has peruvian-japanese cuisine and it provides spectacular view of bangkok’s skyline.

IMG_7232 copy

cebiche above eleven & quinoa salad.

the variety of menu they have is so unique that my very first visit was full of surprises because i didn’t know what i was expecting. but over the course of several visits i’ve got used to it and in fact i love it!

IMG_7237 copy

some rolls i can’t remember which it was.

IMG_7242 copy

lomo saltado.

IMG_7243 copy

snow fish anticucho.

IMG_7244 copy


IMG_7245 copy

grilled salmon negro.

IMG_7262 copy

i know maybe these dish names make you go EH but you can check out their menu for details.

IMG_7264 copy

it’s amazing how every visit to above eleven never fails to stun me with such quality service and food, phenomenal ambiance and view and most importantly their spectacular restroom-with-a-view (you’ll know what i’m talking about once you take a visit to the loo).

IMG_7249 copy IMG_7256 copy

though it wasn’t complimentary i appreciate their effort with the decor.

annieways, that’s basically how i spent my twenty-fourth birthday. above eleven is so flexible to suit any occasions be with a birthday dinner, girls night out, date night, late night bar hopping – you name it.

i love it and i know i’ll be going back in the near future.

IMG_7210 copy


10 thoughts on “[bkk] my birthday at above eleven

  1. This place does offer a very diverse menu. Western salads and sushi rolls side by side, along with rice. It must have cost you quite a bit but I’m sure the food tasted great. Happy belated birthday, it sounds like you had a great celebration, and one that you will not forget :)


    1. Aw! Thank you so much Mabel! It was indeed a great night and wouldn’t have chosen any other place to celebrate xx I wonder if you have tried the place?


      1. I’ve never been to Bangkok, so no. But would love to visit that place as I find the whole concept of fusion food interesting. Aside from a spectacular view, this places seems to offer this kind of food. Fusion cuisine may not necessarily be authentic, but usually it tastes good.
        I hope the company was great too :)


        1. I cannot agree more with you Mabel! I personally love fusion cuisine. Oh so very experimental and full of surprises :) Hope you do visit BKK one day and get to try it. Xx


  2. Happy birthday! I’ve heard so much about Above Eleven, and I’ve wanted to visit this place for ages. Now I’m convinced that I should go. The food looks really delicious:)


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