sib goes to evason huahin

IMG_5692 copy

it was a beaauuuutiful day in bangkok. and even more beautiful because we were heading down to hua hin for the weekend.

IMG_5694 copy IMG_5696 copy

evason, located in pranburi (short 25 minute drive south from hua hin town) is slightly isolated but it gives that much privacy and peaceful-ness.

IMG_5697 copy

so after about 3 and half hours of driving from bangkok, we have finally arrived!

IMG_5699 copy IMG_5700 copy

the resort so big you ride on carts and bicycles to get around.

IMG_5786 copy

check-in on the process at the outdoor lobby.

sooooo, here is how the room was! we got the ‘evason room‘ and everything was down to perfect. every corner of the room was clean, the bed sheet so crisp, had a lovely garden view… ahhh i’m already reminiscing about it.

IMG_5716 copy

please excuse my short, fat toes.

IMG_5721 copy IMG_5723 copy

i think that was a wall to a private pool villa which i’ve read soooo many positive reviews about it. i seriously need to start saving up for it.

IMG_5727 copy

another thing i loved about the resort was how they have so many activities available for the guests oh and that they take such sustainable approach in the operation of their resort. you can read more about it here.

IMG_5758 copy IMG_5750 copy IMG_5751 copy

we unpacked, strolled around the huge resort, took some selfies, chilled by the pool… i just wanted the time to stop.

IMG_5760 IMG_5771 copy

coconut crème brûlée. say wuuut?

IMG_5798 copy

what. a. beautiful. sunset.

IMG_5803 copy

and the sky was so clear that so many stars were visible! might not seem like a biggie in many parts of the world but something like this is so rare in the bkk city.

IMG_5814 copyIMG_5815 copyIMG_5812 copyIMG_5816 copyIMG_5876 copy

then came the next morning! one thing about this resort though is that the beach isn’t so accessible even though it’s right in front of it. but i mean just looking at it and feeling the sea breeze was good enough for me.

am i the only one who gets overly excited over hotel breakfast? i would get up at 5am just to make sure i won’t miss breakfast. please tell me i’m not the only one!

this resort had the MOST amazing breakfast variety of all time. it made me so happy.

IMG_5836 copy

which kind of resulted in too much on the plate…

IMG_5841 copyIMG_5896 copyIMG_5886 copy

what can i say. i loved my experience at evason hua hin. though it’s further in from the hua hin’s busy district it’s absolutely breathtaking. super eco-friendly, LOTS of trees, AMAZING selection of breakfast and nice bar/restaurants in the resort.

only thing would be that you probably need a car to get here and around. but we didn’t mind staying only at the resort during our stay.

pack all your goodies and just hideout in this beautiful nature surrounded resort for couple of days and you will feel absolutely recharged.


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