[bkk] house of rabbit did it again – casa lapin x26

IMG_7393 copy

do you remember couple of months ago i reviewed casa lapin x49 saying how it’s the new IT place to try and that they’re expanding their brand from ari to thonglor and latest to sukhumvit 49? well, they couldn’t wait much longer and have opened another branch in sukhumvit 26: casa lapin x26.

i admit soi 26 was lacking in the café department despite being in a very strategic location and it was about time and we were all very excited about it.

IMG_7390 copy

the concept of this branch is slightly different though. not only that it’s wayyyy bigger than the previous branches but it also incorporates actual food, working space, flower shop and hostel – all in one. yes, you heard me right. a hostel!

and not only that, you’ll notice that the waiters, waitresses, baristas, cashiers and everyone else who works here are a friend of a friend or a sibling of a friend or your far far away cousin that you somehow know. in other words, i think this place might be the very first place in all of thailand to make it less awkward for high class thai youngsters to take on part time jobs and earn some pocket money that they already have abundance of.

IMG_7401 copy IMG_7407 copy

ONEDAY l PAUSE AND FORWARD is what the dorm-style hostel and the co-working space is called.

with the convenient location – it’s near bts phromphong and emporium shopping mall, many eateries in the soi (i.e. rung reung) and outdoor lifestyle malls (i.e. k-village and a-square) – coupled with affordable rate, i think the idea is brilliant.

IMG_7406 copy IMG_7412 copyIMG_7398 copy

..and of course i had to try their earl grey mousse.

IMG_7399 copy IMG_7404 copy IMG_7402 copyIMG_0646 copyIMG_0648 copy

but i hate to admit that the food was a slight disappointment. this day, i just wanted something light so instead of going for pastas and what not, i opted for some caesar salad and portobello & spinach. as you can see, they gave exactly five leaves and four garlic bread. like, i could actually count the leaves. i’m not sure if they were pranking me or have mistaken me for an actual rabbit. still left unanswered to this day.

portobello & spinach was delicious and well seasoned but the portion, oh the portion again, was so tiny for its price.

IMG_0623 copyIMG_0620 copy IMG_7391 copy

the flower shop.

IMG_7392 copy

i don’t know if i’ll ever go back for the food but their desserts and coffees are awesome. and just fyi, brick walls + vsco effect? totally instagram worthy! #justsayin

clickIMG_0614 copyIMG_0616 copy IMG_0615 copy



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