[bkk] great ambiance, better food – kuppa

IMG_7683 copy

kuppa, over a decade old, is probably one of the first restaurant/café in bangkok to roast coffee in-house. and anything coffee will obviously catch my attention.

it’s a fancy-yet-casual dining restaurant; casual enough for an easy family dinner but also but formal enough for a date night.

IMG_7685 copy

baby spinach salad.

IMG_7698 copy

spring rolls.

IMG_7688 copy

papaya pok-pok. pok pok. pok pok. pok pok.

IMG_7689 copy

thai grilled chicken.

IMG_7691 copy

pomodoro pasta was rather bland and watery – would not recommend it.

IMG_7694 copy

pizza with fresh salmon and capers.

IMG_7695 copy

grilled snow fish.

IMG_7700 copy


IMG_7707 copy

their desserts (esp. brownies) are not to be missed. no matter how full you are.

IMG_7705 copy

one thing i absolutely love about this restaurant is how spacious and cozy it feels. i’ve been a loyal customer since couple of years back and when people ask me for advice on where to take their friends or guests (that isn’t too over the top) this is the first place that comes to my mind.

IMG_7711 copy IMG_7713 copy IMG_7708 copy




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