[bkk] date night at neil’s tavern

IMG_7867 copy

sunrise, sunset and bedtime are my favourite times of the day. i love the grassy misty smell of mornings so much that if they made a perfume out of it i’d probably wear them.

ok so that was quite off the topic but what i meant to say was that it was a lovely evening. beautiful romantic sunset. we just had to go for a dinner at our usual spot – neil’s tavern.

IMG_7927 copy

they opened their first branch in ’69 in siam square but moved to the current one in soi ruamrudee (bts ploenchit station). oh and a random trivia – did you know the restaurant was named in honour of neil armstrong? i didn’t. the owner must’ve really liked the first man on the moon.

ps. i totally had to edit this before publishing as i found this article and the timing couldn’t be better! click here to see the fact that i never knew before!

IMG_7881 copy IMG_7929 copyIMG_7883 copyIMG_7886 copy

this. baked scallop with cheese and spinach. A MUST, okay?

IMG_7889 copy IMG_7890 copy IMG_7892 copy

here came my grilled seafood platter. fancy!

IMG_7893 copyIMG_7896 copyIMG_7932 copy IMG_7897 copy

what can i say. i’m a huge sucker for cozy places like this. i prefer it to those places that are too fancy that it makes you kind of uncomfortable. like serving tiniest portion of food in a biggest plate on the planet. yep that kind of restaurants.

neil’s tavern is so well decorated with very attentive staffs who know what they’re doing. i kind of feel like it’s equivalent to lyon which is located just down the road.

IMG_7901 copyIMG_7925 copyIMG_7928 copy IMG_7919 copy

they have their own bakery next door so be sure to check it out – they have decent variety of sweet delicacies which i was toooooo full for so ended up just grabbing a coffee to go. everyone has a separate tummy for coffees… right?

IMG_7871 copy IMG_7872 copy IMG_7873 copy

IMG_7874 copy IMG_7875 copy IMG_7876 copy




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