sib goes to dream world

IMG_8264 copy

in case any of you guys were wondering… yes, dream world is an amusement park here in thailand (more like the one and only). and i, the 24 year old, enjoy going to amusement parks. no judgin’ okay?

IMG_8153 copy

look at it. it’s such a happy place. but unfortunately i don’t go for the rides… or i should say i can’t. i have a really bad stomach for it. once i threw up very very unattractively in front of everyone after riding the viking which i best not elaborate…

annieways, this day i actually went as an unpaid chaperon and a chauffeur for my sister and her friends but as you can see it wasn’t really a great day for a day out in an amusement park but we still managed it.

IMG_8157 copy IMG_8155 copy

so me and my friend got a ticket that was only for the entrance which did not include any rides and paid 200 baht/person. the ticket for the unlimited ride for all but some i believe was around 500 baht/person.

but i was told that there is a thai/foreigner price, like many of the tourist attractions here, so make sure to ask a friend who speaks thai to get it for you!

IMG_8181 copy IMG_8174 copy IMG_8173 copy IMG_8218 copy IMG_8222 copy IMG_8221 copy IMG_8231 copy IMG_8232 copy

you do get wet with some rides so make sure to pack extra.

IMG_8229 copy IMG_8196 copy IMG_8193 copy IMG_8203 copy IMG_8204 copy IMG_8205 copy IMG_8209 copy IMG_8210 copy IMG_8198 copy

oh how i appreciate this bear for not turning back on me like his friends did!

IMG_8233 copy IMG_8241 copy IMG_8237 copy IMG_8244 copy IMG_8254 copy

though i have to say the eateries there are very crappy! be sure to go there with filled tummy or wait till you get out of the place. i just had pomelo for my lunch.

IMG_8223 copy IMG_8227 copy IMG_8240 copy IMG_8239 copy IMG_8156 copy IMG_8144 copy

it wasn’t such a bad day after all. the rain stopped after awhile and we did enjoy our time at dream world, somewhere we don’t get to go too often.

always remember though, “some people are old at eighteen and some are young at ninety. time is only a concept that humans created” ;)




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