[bkk] zebra + horse = zorse cafe

did you know “the zorse is the result of cross-breeding a generally male zebra with a female horse to produce an animal that looks more like a horse than a zebra but one that has stripes.” ? and they are so cute.

IMG_8384 copy

zorse cafe is one of the new comer in town located right behind benjasiri park next to emporium.

IMG_8387 copy IMG_8386 copy

i’m just SO in love with the interior and the decor of this cafe. my love for horse is one thing but the mix and match of the retro furnitures in this place fits perfectly and goooorgeously together.

IMG_8388 copy IMG_8389 copy IMG_8404 copy

but the fooooooood… well, it was decent. the scramble egg was tasteless but salty (if that makes sense), the spaghetti was wayyy too spicy (for the fainthearted) but the caesar salad was very good.

IMG_8408 copy IMG_8406 copy IMG_8407 copy IMG_8774 copy

mushroom soup.

IMG_8496 copy

steamed sea bass.

IMG_8489 copy IMG_8490 copy

zorse burger.

IMG_8492 copy

fish and chips.

IMG_8465 copy


IMG_8504 copy

green tea cake.

IMG_8398 copy

me, you know, just busying around the cafe.

IMG_8383 copy IMG_8382 copy

i really hope the food will improve overtime because i really REALLY liked this cafe. so spacious and airy, offers free wifi, nice location 10 feet away from the park, friendly staffs and well, it made me learn a new thing about ‘zorse’. i can’t stop googling the image of them. go see how cute they are!

it is a perfect place to start your day or if you need a session to unwind the long dreadful day you had. i just know it’s definitely going on my favourites list.

IMG_8381 copy IMG_8380 copyIMG_8377 copy IMG_8376 copy




6 thoughts on “[bkk] zebra + horse = zorse cafe

      1. Hi! Sorry for the long reply! It’s cheaper by a few dollars as I see, around 1-3 ringgit difference :) Yes, anywhere with affordable decent coffee is always great.. haha!


  1. Hey, the cafe looks really cool! and I like the interior of the cafe. And i love horses! You have a good eye with the details!


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