[bkk] fill in the blank

IMG_8063 copy

another new comer in town (yes, it just keeps on comin’) is this tiny adorable cafe slash lifestyle shop called ‘fill in the blank‘.

the wooden interior with the blue pastel tone theme happening all over the place go oh-so-well together giving that soft, subtle ambiance.

IMG_8084 copyIMG_8089 copy

their signature cup of salted caramel blondie over whipped cream latte was the bomb dot com.

IMG_8078 copyIMG_8073 copy IMG_8077 copyIMG_8081 copy IMG_8123 copy

they surely know how to follow up with today’s trend having quotes literally all over the shop.

people nowadays like taking selfies (SURPRISE!). people nowadays like to CAPTION quotes that has zero relevance to their selfies. but hey, if that’s what’s IN right now…

IMG_8091 copy IMG_8122 copyIMG_8116 copyIMG_8120 copyIMG_8121 copy

their shop was rather small but i think they did a wonderful job with the interior design recreating that cozy eco-friendly farm feel. it’s indeed a very photogenic place.

i feel as if nowadays it’s more about the LOOK of a place rather than their quality of say service or food. anywhere that looks good has higher chance of succeeding in today’s crazy competitive café-market. instagram is totally taking over the world, i’m telling you.

IMG_8066 copy

but i liked it. sure, it looked pretty but their coffee and service was good too. definitely worth the hype i’d say ;)



13 thoughts on “[bkk] fill in the blank

    1. Hi Jennifer! Props to the place for being so photogenic ;) Your blog looks amazing with awesome contents as well. Being a graphic designer can be very helpful in blogging too I assume??


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