july – what’s been happening?

IMG_8457 copy

starting my day listening to lost stars (on 100x repeat), having my morning dose of caffeine and reading one of my favourite blogs. i just love mornings like this.

IMG_8370 copy

my new-found of july – anything peach is love.


belated birthday pressie from my little sister. <3

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50% off on frappucchinos every tuesdays & wednesdays. gotta take advantage of it you know?

IMG_7205 copy

the most difficult decision anyone will face in life.

IMG_7335 copyProcessed with VSCOcam with n1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset IMG_20140727_151218IMG_8030 copyIMG_7353 copy

fattening? i donut care… HAH GETIT?!

IMG_7743 copyIMG_8141 copy IMG_7751 copyIMG_7760 copy IMG_7994 copy

ohohoh and i started cooking again.

spicy sausage pasta > tuna and egg mayo sandwich > spicy thai noodle salad > quinoa & black bean. my go-to simple and quick recipe!

i don’t know if anyone is interested but i’ll be more than happy to share the recipes – please let me know in comments below! i guarantee it tastes surprisingly decent. ;)

IMG_7805 copyIMG_8426 copy IMG_8423 copyIMG_8416 copy IMG_8520 copy

movies of the month (of course excluding my now-all-time-fave “begin again”)

the fault in our stars? i liked the movie. but i liked the book more i think. will i be considered emotionless if i say i didn’t cry a single bit? :/

guardians of the galaxy? can i have rocket the raccoon as a pet? actually i’ll just have bradley cooper even if it’s just his voice, thank you.

IMG_8418 copy IMG_8449 copy

annieways…can’t believe july’s over already. we’re already good into the second half of twenty-fourteen… time needs to slow the hell down!

it’s been a rather hectic month for me.. had relatives over from korea, been travelling to several places oh and talking of travel i’ll be flying out to my home town SEOUL at the end of this week! but unfortunately it’s only for a week or two. but i can’t wait to get some deeecent k-cuisine!

hope everyone had a lovely july and have a kick ass start to august!



14 thoughts on “july – what’s been happening?

        1. Yes, I gotta admit BKK is an awesome place for cafehoppers like ourselves! Fancy to come over one day? :P oh BTW, I always (shyly) wondered.. I don’t think I ever had the chance to catch your name or nickname… of course only if you don’t mind :)


          1. Heh, that’d be because I’ve never mentioned it ;)
            The food in BKK looks so exciting and diverse, things on the food front in Seoul can get boring. No herbs and spices, no quinoa or couscous (I miss cumin couscous salad…) T.T Gets a bit boring eating out, so if you discover somewhere refreshing here, do share!
            Jane ;)


  1. I love your post, and im going to have a look at your blog too i have a feeing its going to be really nice! Have a look at mine, I am just starting up and would really love some support! :)


  2. Love your blog and your photos! I really enjoyed this post! Would really appreciate if you could share your recipes for the spicy sausage pasta and spicy thai noodle salad with me :D


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