e-magazine “the world according to mitzie mee & friends”

mitzie mee holds a very special place in my heart and for my blog. she is one of my very first blogger friends i made after starting my second SEOULinBKK (second because i ended up deleting the first. don’t ask why cos i’m not so sure either).


she’s an amazing blogger, a traveller junkie and a big time foodie like myself. the reason why she’s so special is because when there was close to zero traffic and visitors to my blog, she found me. and it wasn’t to promote her own. she left me genuine comments and encouragements that made me want to keep on doing what i like. though i’ve never met her in person YET i know for sure she’s an amazing person in real as she is in this cyber world.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.25.15 AM

ok sorry if this is getting wayyy to corny and cheesy Sanne. SO! my point is that this amazing lady with amazing blog has recently launched an AMAZING travel guide e-magazine for everyone out there who shares the same interests in WHICH i was uber excited to be contributing a small part as one of the “friends”. (anyone please give me a synonym for amazing?)

check it out at mitziemeeblog.com or click here.



2 thoughts on “e-magazine “the world according to mitzie mee & friends”

  1. Thank you so much Annie for the kind words. Such a pleasure to have you contributing to the e-mag, and yes, I’m sure we will meet one day. Thank you for the fabulous advice on dining and nightlife in Bangkok. I loved the noodle restaurant and I could have spend all my evenings on Above Eleven:)


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