awesome flight from bkk to seoul with airbus a380

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ok let me start off being a little rant-y here. i’ve been a frequent flyer of asiana airlines for as long as i can remember. but the past couple of flights were rather disappointing and felt as if they weren’t living up to the 5 star airline i used to remember.. the service, meals, in-flight entertainment, hygiene, etc.

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and i thought to myself i might as well fly with korean air from next time for a few dollars more. and no, i don’t think i’m being unreasonable or picky being that it’s not a cheap flight. so you kind of expect to get what you pay for. i mean why not fly with a low cost airline if you get flights without personal tvs and meals without options? (hayyy don’t judge, you only have so much to do up there!)

IMG_8585 copy

but i think luck was on my side. or on asiana’s side should i say. because i got to fly on their very new airbus a380! of course i can’t say my thoughts about the airline has changed over this one awesome flight but it sure made up for the previous ones.

IMG_8587 copy

the seats were comfortable and slightly more spacious than other aircrafts (or at least it felt like it).

IMG_8589 copy

in-flight entertainment was pretty good. not too many options for hollywood movies as you can see but at least i haven’t seen ALL of them.

IMG_8590 copy

please excuse my obsession with details. things like this power socket and foot rest excites me.

IMG_8602 copy IMG_8592 copy

breakfast is my favourite meal no matter what altitude i’m at.

IMG_8608 copy

annieways, i have arrived in seoul safe and sound and had a very pleasant flight. would’ve preferred it not to be a night flight only if i knew it was gonna be an airbus a380 but oh wells!

IMG_8611 copy IMG_8612 copyIMG_8637 copy

oh and two things i absolutely love about korea (as a visitor) and i think everyone should know about is:

one, convenience of the airport bus that goes almost everywhere (cost differs depending on distance) and it only cost me 10,000 krw to the city center.

two, the portable 4g wifi (wibro) router a.k.a. “the egg” rental service that costs 8,800 krw per day. i believe this is the best invention of the modern world for many travellers – be it for business purpose, use map to find ways or just to stay connected via social media. this egg can connect up to 7 devices and be connected almost everywhere in the country.

korea is lovely as usual. kind of gloomy but still very hot. i’m enjoying my time here, you know just trying to eat up everything before i leave :)



10 thoughts on “awesome flight from bkk to seoul with airbus a380

  1. I’ve heard of the wifi egg thing but never use it myself. Guess I will give it a try next time I’m in Seoul! No more wandering around searching for free wifi, yay!


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