[seoul] the oldest cafe in seoul – hakrim dabang

i’m not a big fan of k-series and let alone a fan of any korean celebrities but due to peer pressure (yup) i got into the series called ‘you who came from the stars’ and got hooked into it right away. it stars korea’s all time top actress jun ji hyun and rising star kim soo hyun.

the reason why i’m getting into this is because the cafe i’m about to present ‘hakrim dabang [학림다방]‘ is not only the oldest cafe in seoul but it was also where one of the scene from the series was filmed! like, kim soo hyun was literally there. in this cafe. in that chair.

IMG_8734 copy IMG_8679 copy

the entrance to the cafe already feels antique.

IMG_8678 copy

THIS is the spot! up is when i visited (there were so many tourists waiting to take that seat where kim soo hyun’s bottom rested!) and down is when he was filming.

kimsoohyunIMG_8677 copy IMG_8667 copy IMG_8671 copyIMG_8674 copy

they only have one dessert. this cream cheese cake with option to choose between blueberry and orange jam. it was SO good. the jelli-est cheese cake ever.

IMG_8668 copyIMG_8675 copy

i’m sure they had to renovate here and there over time since it operated since 1956 which makes it 58 years old but it still has that da-bang feel to it. da-bang if you didn’t know is what koreans used to call cafes before.

IMG_8680 copy IMG_8682 copy

it’s a shame i didn’t know about this place after all this time. i go to daehangno (university street located at hyehwa station) like every other day when i’m in seoul.

it’s on the second floor of jongno pharmacy near entrance 3 and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re around especially with your parents or elders as they might be able to reminisce the good old days :P.

IMG_8735 copy

IMG_8664 copyIMG_8665 copyIMG_8666 copy




13 thoughts on “[seoul] the oldest cafe in seoul – hakrim dabang

  1. I loved this kdrama! It was the first I saw but am now hooked.
    Amazing that you can visit the actual places where they filmed. I read somewhere that you can also visit the actual studio with the set up of the apartments, that sounds quite fun as well.


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